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"Po ile dziś Agora? Może powinienem wiedzieć. Kiedyś wszak ponoć byłem jej współwłaścicielem - jako jeden z dziewięciu, potem 1 z 25. Ale nie wiem i nie budzę się z tym pytaniem na ustach, choć pewnie niejeden tak ma. /.../"

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New Android Device Debuts: Introducing Agora

By Barry Levine 

4 December 2008

A new smartphone based on Google's Android mobile OS has debuted: Australia's Kogan Technologies unveiled its Agora and Agora Pro mobile phones with Google's Android. The Agora Android-based devices join T-Mobile's G1 smartphone, known as the "Google phone." Third-party apps for the Agora and G1 Android phones are expected to increase.

Android-based devices can now be discussed in the plural. Kogan Technologies has announced its Agora and Agora Pro mobile phones with the open-source mobile operating system will be available in Australia next month.

The Agora devices, which bear an uncanny physical resemblance to classic BlackBerry smartphones, will offer 3G connectivity, a 2.5-inch LCD, a 320x240-pixel touchscreen, a five-way central navigation key, a microSD slot, a QWERTY keyboard with backlighting, and Bluetooth 2.0.

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